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Recurrent Training


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Recurrent Training
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 Insurance Approved
Transition, Initial, and Recurrent Training


Review the fundamentals - get back the edge
Practice and drill - increase proficiency
Test your judgment in scenarios and missions
Stretch your confidence to a higher level

 Aero-Tech is a unique recurrent training center for pilots and operators of complex single and cabin class piston and turbine airplanes. We specialize in practical, how-to training for the general aviation aircraft owner and pilot. Train beyond WHAT you fly and look at HOW you fly. Learn to make better decisions and to leverage technology for safer, more enjoyable flights.


Experience, Quality and Value

  • EXPERIENCE - 40 yrs of successful pilot training
  • ACCREDITED - Factory authorized, FAA accepted, and insurance approved
  • SIMULATOR - Enclosed, airline-class, full-motion with visual
  • STAFF - ATP; 10,000+ hours; expert in your plane
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner on staff  

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BE 55/58 Baron
BE 60 Duke
CE Complex Single
CE 208 Caravan
CE 302/310/320
CE 335/340/402/414/421
PA 28/32
PA 34 Seneca
PA 46 Malibu/Mirage
PA 31 Navajo
PA 60 Aerostar
General SEL/IR Refresher
General MEL/IR Refresh

An FAA/ Industry
Training Standard

Why Aero-Tech Recurrent Training Center?

  • High Quality Training
  • Good Value for your Time and Money
  • Complete in Three or Four Days
  • Ten hours in Airplane and/or Full Motion Simulator
  • Course Materials Included
  • One-on-One Personalized Instruction



   Instructors at Aero-Tech are high-time pilots and successful aviation career instructors. Each has experience in your specific make and model aircraft.   Each has been PIC in challenging situations and bring their experience to your cockpit.  Each hold ATP ratings and advanced instructor credentials. Your instructor has been approved by your insurance carrier because of years of aircraft-specific experience and an attitude towards safety. 

   Each instructor is our employee. We don't trust your training to part-time, subcontractors. Instructors will endorse you for (as needed):

  • High PerformanceAirplane
  • Complex Aircraft
  • Instrument Proficiency Check
  • Flight Review
  • High Altitude 


Airline style,
Full Motion Sim
 with visuals

See the Sim


  • Program times and fees may be reduced for pilots with unique experience.
  • 20% discount for second pilot training simultaneous in same course

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We Teach the World to Fly... we can teach you, too.


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