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Piper Aerostar PA60
Transition, Initial, and Recurrent Training
An FAA Industry Training Standard (FITS)

In our Full Motion Flight Sim, in your Aerostar, or a combination of both

Initial - Not Offered
3-Day PA60 Recurrent/Transition Training - $2,432

This is a comprehensive review for the pilot routinely flying a Piper Aerostar in the IMC environment. Your program is customized for you, the general aviation pilot who can benefit from one-on-one, personalized, instruction for your specific airplane.  Practical how-to, real-world tips from an experienced Aerostar pilot and instructor, taught in a scenario-based training style. Training includes:

  • The specific operating systems and performance of your airplane. Learned in the classroom then practiced in 10 hours of airplane or full-motion simulator flight time.
  • The avionics systems and buttonology specific to your airplane, from the traditional 6-pack to advanced avionics.  The Gamin, 430, 530, GNS 480 with the MX20 Multifunction Display, the Bendix King KLN94, the KFC225 autopilot.  We use PC-based simulators and training devices and/or your training airplane.
  • Risk Assessment/Management: judgment and aeronautical decision making in challenging scenario-based flight missions.

   Do you need to take a FAA practical test in your PA60 Aerostar? Examiner on staff for single and multi.
 Train like you fly! And after successful completion of the course, Aero-Tech will issue a graduation certificate as well as a written evaluation with instructors recommendations. We are also able to endorse your logbook documenting the successful completion of a flight review and instrument proficiency check.

Meet the instructors:
Arlynn McMahon
Charlie Monette


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An FAA/Industry Training Standard (FITS)

Approved by
insurance companies:
AIG, AIM, Avemco
 Brown, Global, LAU

Train Like You Fly!
Scenario based training
LOFT is included in your training.

Need maintenance? Maintenance and avionics support are conveniently available at our airport. Get your annual done while we complete your training. Upgrade your avionics and we'll spend your last training day practicing with your new gear!

Flying Companions Welcome!
We'll arrange a unique program for your flying companion. Female CFI available.


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